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Free QR Code Generator

Free QR Code Generator


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What Is a QR Code (Quick Response Code)?

Free QR Code Generator


‘QR’ stands for Quick Response plus Code in this instance. This two-dimensional barcode is readable by smartphones. Two-dimensional barcodes may contain more than 4,000 characters. It is most frequently used to generate text or links. For your convenience, an image of a QR code is provided below. You’ll need the Scanner App in order to scan a QR code. As you can see, the Play Store and the Apple Store provide a number of substitutes. Here’s a link to a QR Code Scanner App that you may download if you’re feeling lazy.

What Is a QR Code and How Do I Use It?

‘QR’ stands for Quick Response plus Code. Smartphones are able to read the barcode since it is two-dimensional. Approximately 4000 characters can be used to encode a two-dimensional barcode. It is generally used for writing text and creating hyperlinks, among other things. A photo of the QR code is displayed in the gallery below. Using a QR Code requires the Scanner App. There are several options available in the spp shop and play store. If you’re in a sluggish mood, here’s a link to a QR Code Scanner App.

How To Create  a QR Code?

Now that you know how to read QR codes, how can you construct this enchanted square? They might arise in a plethora of contexts. The Xoom QR code generator will generate the code for you; all you need to do is enter the URL to which you want it connected.


This is the tasty stuff. Now that you’ve mastered the art of the QR code, how in the world can you use one on blogger business cards?

Anything you link to has to work on mobile devices. Testing on your phone before submitting is strongly advised. You may even use a friend’s phone; just return it. Try, try, try. Avoid wasting money and effort by avoiding producing 250 cards with invalid QR codes.

Give detailed explanations of the contents of the QR code on your business card. Be captivating, direct, or creative. The choice is yours. In this case, a few phrases will enough.

With these seven innovative ideas, you can use QR codes for more than just sending people to your website.


1. Provide a link to a page that provides further information about you.

You have several options if you wish to accomplish this. You may create a separate About Me webpage or link to your About Me page on your blog for those who use QR codes. Provide a link to your About. Me page (I assume you have one), where you may include a list of all the websites and social media profiles you own. You can link to a Jumpscan profile that contains your contact details. You may use Jumpscan to create a mobile-friendly page containing contact information by following Gigi’s instructions from Kludgy Mom.

Link to a sign-up form for email.

You can download a newsletter here that you think other people will find interesting. How about allowing readers to subscribe to your blog postings by email? Your QR code needs to be connected to this form. Using mobile devices to grow your subscriber base is the coolest approach. How can you find out who has this functionality on their QR code? Giggle. Giggle.

3. Link to an entry form for a giveaway.

Are you planning to attend a corporately sponsored conference this year? The products from that sponsor may be given free in return for a URL pointing to an entry page. Regarding scheduling, there are several options available to you. To begin with, print a small quantity of copies just for that conference. You may also edit the page following each conference. Use instead of When you are not on the road, it’s simple to change the content of that page to “about me”. This is best done on a separate page, not a blog post.

4. Provide a link to a video about you, your purpose, or something else that you find particularly interesting.

Make a little video to share with someone more about you or the purpose of your blog. Your uniqueness might come through in a really good manner. Think about taking advantage of this chance to share your support for the cause and inspire others to donate.

5. Incorporate your contact information into their phone’s contacts.

A person who scanned a QR code from your phone would have their contact details instantly saved on your phone. It’s still really cool even though it’s a bit early. You may utilize the vcard option on QR Stuff for this.

6. Make a unique offer to your readers.


What kind of present would you like to give your new fan? Perhaps you could send them a short e-book, a checklist, or something else you think very great, depending on what they specialize in.

As an alternative, provide a special rate for advertising or a special promotional offer. Here, the options are virtually endless.

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